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  • 传递爱中考英语作文

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    Dear little friends,

    May12,2008 was the most terrible day for you, for me and for all the Chinese .The great earthquake killed and wounded your relatives, your teachers and your classmates, and destroyed your houses and schools badly. You felt very sad and our hearts were also broken deeply. However, you are not lonely. The loveliest people, such as the leaders, soldiers, doctors and volunteers, immediately arrived and helped you whole-heartedly. The people all over China are donating money, things or even their blood. Ive also donated all my pocket money.

    All these days Ive been collecting the information from Wenchuan. Sometimes tears on my face while watching, listening or reading.

    China is a big family. We are all your brothers and sisters. We will do everything to help you rebuild your homeland and make you be out of the endless pains. We are all together with you for ever. I believe you can overcome the difficulties with your confidence and the firm will. Please accept my heartfelt wishes: Youll be fine in the future.

    Best wishes to you all !


    Li Wei

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